Our Facilities

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We have a modern infrastructure that fulfills the standards of safety and hygiene, in addition the use of technology is a key piece for the operation of our facilities and procedures. Because we know that they are important and necessary to provide you with the best service and that you and your family can be and feel safe.


One of our main objectives is that our patients and their families feel comfortable and calm during their recovery. That is why we have spacious rooms, electric beds for the patient, double bed for the companion, CATV, and Wi-Fi, 

Surgery Center

We provide surgical medical care with quality and safety, supported by the highest technology equipment and taking care of the procedures 24 /7. 


We guarantee quality care and rigorous follow-up for patients who present a serious health condition or require immediate attention, supported by state-of-the-art equipment and healthcare professionals.


The O2 clinic has several locations that are part of the Mountain Medical Network, these are strategically located so that you can go in a timely manner in case you need it.