O2 medical network

What is O2 Medical Network?

O2 is a clinic located in the city of Cusco, is part of Medical Network, a medical network with health centers, clinics and clinics strategically located to take care of your health in a timely manner.  Our mission is to come along with you, traveler of life, to take care of your health and your family. 

You are not alone 



Solve Travelers' health problems quickly so that they can recover, not feel alone and reach their destination.


To be the Network of Traveler's Boutique Clinics specialized in Mountain that will allow all travelers to feel protected at any time and place.


• Justice, puede ser definida como el arte de hacer lo justo, y de «dar a cada uno lo suyo» es el pilar de la organización y del personal de la Clínica O2 Medical Network para actuar en forma transparente y equitativa, para cumplir con las expectativas de cada paciente, asegurado o particular.

• Freedom, is the faculty by nature of the human being, which allows him to responsibly choose the way in which he will act within a society. This way of acting must not negatively influence others, and must correspond to the exercise of his will without restrictions.

• Equality, está referida a juzgar de forma imparcial y haciendo uso total de la razón, de forma tal que cada persona obtenga lo que merece, sin ser juzgado o disminuido; pero tampoco favorecido sin fundamento. En la clínica O2, este término está referido a la distribución justa de los servicios a todos por igual.

• Solidarity, is the collaboration that a human being offers to the people around him, without expecting anything in return and motivated by the desire to help; it is the ideal of striving for the common good.

• Tolerance, está basada en el respeto hacia los demás, ya sean similares a uno, o con características diferentes de lo propio; en aspectos tan amplios como sus ideales, creencias o formas de actuar. Poseer tolerancia es fundamental para la vida en sociedad; y por lo tanto, es muy importante en un ambiente en el que se encuentran tantas culturas y personas distintas como es en la Clínica O2.

• Respect, is the attitude of showing consideration or appreciation for the people around us, without judging the interests or needs that each one may have; it is a value that must be mutual in order to achieve a harmonious coexistence. In order to respect it is not necessary to agree with others, but it is a matter of not offending those who lead a different way of life.

O2 brings you



Timely care

Who are the travelers of life?

Life travelers are all the people that have embarked on a journey full of adventures, heartbreaks, joys, greetings and farewells. That's right, it's you, you are a life traveler.  O2 wants to take care of you and your family, so that together you can continue to enjoy this beautiful journey. 

Don't forget it, you are not alone!