Surgical Center

O2 Medical Network

High qualify team of specialist medical surgeons; anesthesiologist; certified nurses and nurse technician ensuring that you always received medicine of the highest order. To provide surgical service in a safe, comfort and asepsis; supported by the latest generation equipment and an infrastructure especially designed for, integrate medical surgical team able to perform a concurrent and simultaneous surgeries.

Medical services

our portfolio of medical services presents a great alternative product and have classified according to the Boston Consulting Matrix.

Surgical center

Intensive care unit

Air ambulance

Center Hospitalier

Medical Staff

The team of more experienced doctors in various specialties.

Maria Veronica Alvarez Solis

General Doctor

Alexander Montesinos Cardenas


Carlos Perez Alviz


The distinction lies in having a qualified medical staff able to solve situation critical emergency quickly and wherever prerequisite language proficiency, our medical staff dominate different languages, among them English, Portuguese, French and others, like our nursing staff.

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O2 Medical Network