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O2 Medical Network

We are a private medical organization born in 2010 located in Cusco – Perú, whose medical category and specialization is “Traveler’s Clinic “, it is a “manufacturing services” company. Has a level of technology and process repeatability “continuous production”. Because the products are equal and the services permanent and must continue.
Oxigen Medical Network, is an organization specialized in travel medicine, whose main objective is the patient (National and foreign tourist) maintain their health, will fully recover while staying and do not thwart their travel. It is also a company that goes in healthcare innovation under of medical tours, medical escort, risk rescue, acclimation and recovery therapies, with high quality standards, technology and specialized services in traveler’s diseases, such as:

  • Acute Mountain Sickness and complications.
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Orthopedic and traumatology
  • Intoxication and poisoning
  • Risk rescue
  • Metabolic and Endocrine disorder (traveler’s diarrhea)


O2 Medical Network

“Be the Network of traveler’s boutique Clinic specialized in mountain which allows the Travelers feel protected at any time and place”.


O2 Medical Network

Solving health problems of travelers, faster to recover, do not feel alone and reach their destination.

Core Values

O2 Medical Network

  • Life
  • Responsibility: not just with the job and mandated obligations but also about with environment and surrounding society.
  • Honesty: working doing the right things.
  • Passion: love what to do.
  • Creativity: promote a culture of innovation.
  • Solidarity, loyalty, empathy, respect, protection, safety and familiarity.


O2 Medical Network



Phone: +51(084)-221213 / +51(084)-225407
Street Bellavista C-11 Huancaro – Cusco

Headquarters Cusco Airport

Phone: +51(084)-221213 / +51(084)-225407


Headquarters Ollantaytambo

Phone: +51(084)-221213 / +51(084)-225407
Av Ferrocarril S/N (Costado Del Hotel Orquideas)

Headquarters Aguas Calientes

Phone: +51(084)-221213 / +51(084)-225407
C. Wiñay Wayna 105/106 (Ref. Estadio Municipal) – Aguas Calientes – Cusco


Headquarters Arequipa

Teléfono: +51(084)-221213 / +51(084)-225407
Urb. Col. de Ingenieros D-9, Cerro Colorado

Medical services

our portfolio of medical services presents a great alternative product and have classified according to the Boston Consulting Matrix.

Surgical center

Intensive care unit

Air ambulance

Center Hospitalier

Medical Staff

The team of more experienced doctors in various specialties.

Maria Veronica Alvarez Solis

General Doctor

Alexander Montesinos Cardenas


Carlos Perez Alviz


The distinction lies in having a qualified medical staff able to solve situation critical emergency quickly and wherever prerequisite language proficiency, our medical staff dominate different languages, among them English, Portuguese, French and others, like our nursing staff.

Do you need medical attention?

Call Toll Free  0800-26-685


O2 Medical Network