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We are passionate Down Hill: We sponsored sport as a tool for integration and social development. Peru will host for the first time in the history of a Pan Downhill event, and Cusco prepares for this spectacular event to be held from 9 to 13 November in the city of San Jeronimo Cusco. Downhill is
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Lead cosmetics may cause skin blemishes and affect bones, blood and reproductive system small. The custom of making up for children during celebrations of  Halloween or “Day Witches” is fun but can also put your health at risk if cosmetics of dubious origin are used, because these may contain lead, a substance that is harmful
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The firm Live Peru Airlines will begin flying national sky midyear offering passages from S / 59.90 each way, up to 50% by reducing the current cost of fares airlines operating on the local market. The CEO of the firm, Jose Castellanos Lords, announced at a press conference that will fly to major cities such
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  The railway company Peru Rail said suspending rail operations in the route Cusco – Machu Picchu – Hydroelectric and vice versa until further notice. This restriction applies both for tourist services such as social services, passenger, cargo and baggage. This against the measure announced by the Defense Front Machu Picchu to prolong indefinitely the
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Medical services

our portfolio of medical services presents a great alternative product and have classified according to the Boston Consulting Matrix.

Surgical center

Intensive care unit

Air ambulance

Center Hospitalier

Medical Staff

The team of more experienced doctors in various specialties.

Maria Veronica Alvarez Solis

General Doctor

Alexander Montesinos Cardenas


Carlos Perez Alviz


The distinction lies in having a qualified medical staff able to solve situation critical emergency quickly and wherever prerequisite language proficiency, our medical staff dominate different languages, among them English, Portuguese, French and others, like our nursing staff.

Do you need medical attention?

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O2 Medical Network