Competitive Advantages

O2 Medical Network

We have resources to be competitive and marked leadership in the business area, considered as a strategy the differentiation and it will be based on five important points where our company revolves around.


I+D It is seeing that in the health sector, the importance of a good diagnosis lies in the capacity for innovation and technological development to hit the target in diagnosis and find the type of illness. Furthermore in a traveler’s clinic are the most important because, the travelers who come from different latitudes have incorporate in their countries cutting edge technology to optimize the routine diagnostic. This means that the differentiation of the clinic has to be sustained on technology. Additionally the illness may develop during the tourist circuit or hotel. So we need to be able to provide the best, also in portable equipment to diagnose and treat; our ground ambulances support which provide medical assistance in quick and timely manner in order to strengthen the high quality medical services with international standards to traveler and shall fulfill the expectation and needs of our patients.


Competitive Advantage

The difference is vested in a qualified medical staff able to resolve critical and emergency situations in a fast manner, and where will be indispensable requirement the language proficiency; our medical staff must be able to speak several languages, such as English, Portuguese, and French among others. Likewise the nursing and administrative staff requires the ability to use foreign languages that helps in smoothness of communication between visitors (patient) and personnel in general.


Competitive Advantage

The patient do not wait, and less when traveling out. Consequently, there is a need to be able to provide high quality care on the scene where the emergency is required, our base headquarter is located in the city of Cusco from where we allowed to access to the patients in immediately, thanks to modern implementation in accordance with our customer needs.


Competitive Advantage

We have medical technology, equipment for Diagnostics and treatments that added to the experience of our specialists, resulting in better care and satisfaction of our patients. We recognize the human resource always be the most important therefore we have trained a team that can positively meet the challenges and succeed in healthcare “OXIGEN MEDICAL NETWORK”. As well we express and base our position to become a spiritual company with vitality emphasis and growth and through of organizational development (OD).

Medical Network

Competitive Advantage

To make the difference in rapidity we have found, that our medical network should be along the tourist route in southern Perú, count on type II ambulances and support medical centers in Cusco – Urubamba – Ollantaytambo – Aguas Calientes – Santuario.

Medical services

our portfolio of medical services presents a great alternative product and have classified according to the Boston Consulting Matrix.

Surgical center

Intensive care unit

Air ambulance

Center Hospitalier

Medical Staff

The team of more experienced doctors in various specialties.

Maria Veronica Alvarez Solis

General Doctor

Alexander Montesinos Cardenas


Carlos Perez Alviz


The distinction lies in having a qualified medical staff able to solve situation critical emergency quickly and wherever prerequisite language proficiency, our medical staff dominate different languages, among them English, Portuguese, French and others, like our nursing staff.

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